6 Oct


Bulgarian Fashion Blogger Denina Martin dressed in black lace dress from Liu Jo in Bulgaria Mall

Retro-Lady-in-Black-Liu-Jo-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-2 Retro-Lady-in-Black-Liu-Jo-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-1Retro-Lady-in-Black-Liu-Jo-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-12As a fashion blogger I have set myself a mission to give you styling ideas and inspire you into dressing beautifully and colorfully. The latter is something I notice tends to be in short supply in our society. I have promised myself to try and avoid blacks as much as possible. The truth is you can’t go without black forever. Sometimes there’s too much beauty in all-black outfits that it’d be foolish to ignore it. It’d have been foolish to ignore the allurement of this Liu Jo lace dress I found at Bulgaria Mall! It’s femininity captured me so deeply that I couldn’t stop myself from picking it up.

Every season has it’s statement dresses and it’s advisable that you purchase at least one occasion dress. With this one, explanation on how versatile it is comes in pointless. It’s a lace LBD! You can rely on it forever!

However, for this look I’m playing the part of a city retro chic; a lady in black going out for a dinner, or at a cultural event. For this look, I’ve gone for the sexy see-through back, mid-length and flapper hat that is so from the roaring twenties. The whole thing looks perfectly stunning, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t typically call my outfits stunning, but it’s the dress that makes it all. Did you notice the feather neckline? It’s screaming feminine power and statement style. Loving every single bit about it!

Retro-Lady-in-Black-Liu-Jo-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-3 Retro-Lady-in-Black-Liu-Jo-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-4 Retro-Lady-in-Black-Liu-Jo-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-7 Retro-Lady-in-Black-Liu-Jo-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-5 Retro-Lady-in-Black-Liu-Jo-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-9 Retro-Lady-in-Black-Liu-Jo-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-10 Retro-Lady-in-Black-Liu-Jo-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-6 Retro-Lady-in-Black-Liu-Jo-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-11 Retro-Lady-in-Black-Liu-Jo-Bulgaria-Mall-Denina-Martin-8

LIU JO Black Lace Dress   LIU JO Blazer   LIU JO Flapper Hat  LIU JO Gold Purse 

All of the aforementioned items are available at Bulgaria Mall. 

Do you actually do all-black looks often, ladies? 


Denina ♥

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