Packing for Travel

Packing can be quite overwhelming sometimes. It used to be very challenging for me back when I travelled much less often. However, over the years I have come up with my own strategy that helps me get through the whole process successfully and effectively.

Just a few days after a weekend at the seaside, I am quite fresh at packing. That’s why I decided to share my holiday packing tips. They get me through the whole pre-travel hassle and make my holiday time much more enjoyable.

MAKE A LIST – That’s something I always do a couple of days prior to departure, because I tend to forget important things. And it saves me time and nerves.

PICK YOUR PERFECT SUITCASE – There’s nothing more annoying than having to travel with a suitcase or travel bag that’s inconvenient. That’s why when I am choosing one, I always look for structured suitcases with secure belts and enough zipped pockets.

PLAN YOUR OUTFITS – Consider your plans, location and weather forecast. Based on these, plan your outfits in detail. No one needs to worry about clothing during a holiday.

STICK TO A SPECIFIC COLOR PALETTE – Ideally, this should involve about 3 shades. Thus, you’ll be able to mix and match clothes and accessories and save up on space.

RELY ON TRAVEL SIZE BEAUTY – That’s a great tip, especially if you want to reduce your luggage’s weight and size. During this holiday of mine I was APITIVA’s minis.

ORGANIZE WELL – I love to use pouches and mini bags to organize my possessions. Plus, I always have a separate holder for jewelries!

ARRANGE STRATEGICALLY – Place shoes at the bottom, and if you are running out on space, roll your clothes instead of folding them.

MAKE USE OF EVERY SINGLE SPACE – Oversized scarf inside the hat; socks tucked in those shoes; signature fragrance inside your clutch – just be practical and creative.

TREAT YOURSELF – Get a book, headphones, play cards or anything that will make you relax. It’s holiday time – you need to enjoy every single moment of it!

Packing for Travel Packing for Travel Packing for Travel Packing for Travel

Do you have any other holiday packing tips to share? I’ll be happy to hear from you!


Denina ♥

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