HM Studio Autumn Winter 2016 Embroidered Maxy Dress

On September 8 H&M is launching its STUDIO Collection for Autumn/Winter 2016. For those of you unsure what H&M STUDIO is – it’s the opportunity of selected creatives to outspread their talent and free their imagination, creating a high-end limited collection at affordable prices. A decision that has won H&M a good dose of respect and positive responses.

For H&M STUDIO AW16 designers took inspiration from Swedish folklore to create a collection full of individuality. At its heart is that fresh interest in the feminine silhouette formed mainly by accentuating over shoulders and waist. Fabrics also capture the attention  – intricate lace, soft velvet, fine wool and sheer textile. All those I enjoyed months ago while watching the catwalk streaming live from Paris. Yet, as much as I loved the collection back then, it could barely get compared to actually facing it. Now that I have had an exclusive access to it two weeks before it lands the stores, I made my personal selection of favorite items.

Walking inside H&M’s Showroom in the heart of Sofia and discovering STUDIO AW16 was an experience. It felt like discovering a new world which merges fashion, culture and femininity to form true individuality. It is beautiful. The collection is so diverse that it truly takes no effort to adapt it to your own individuality. Having fallen in love with the handicraft embroidery touches of Swedish heritage and folklore, I created my own folklore romance. This sheer maxi dress with exotic floral embroidery and massive themed earrings took me to a world so marvelous, feminine and inspiring. However, this is just part one. Soon I will be sharing the other themed look I selected. Make sure you follow along.

Wearing Embroidered Maxy Dress From HM Studio Autumn 2016 HM Studio Autumn Winter 2016 Portrait Of Denina Martin and HM Studio Autumn Winter 2016 HM Studio Autumn Winter 2016 Embroidered Maxy Dress HM Studio Autumn Winter 2016 Embroidered Maxy Dress HM Studio Autumn Winter 2016 Embroidered Maxy Dress HM Studio Autumn Winter 2016 Embroidered Maxy Dress HM Studio Autumn Winter 2016

H&M STUDIO AW16 Dress & Earrings

Have you found your favorites from H&M STUDIO AW16 already? How would you create your own folklore romance?


Denina ♥

*In partnership with H&M

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