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Торта Неделя и малките моменти

After a long weekend spent around pretty mountain views, we are back to the big city life. For the first time since ages I had days off without doing any work. It’s odd as I usually would work when I have things to do – till 2 or 3 a.m., on Saturdays and Sundays. No matter if it’s meant to be in non-work hours. Now I just said “No”. It was Ron, Alex and I in the company of friends. We could insulate ourselves from our reality and enjoy a new one – as I remember it when I was little.

Well, we are back. The magic called “Village Life” has ended and work is taking over. But another precious moment is coming – Ron’s birthday. As I haven’t thought of any extraordinary gift to surprise him, I decided to treat him specially during his Birthday week.

When we got together back in 2008, he wasn’t the biggest fan of sweets. However, my ability to form a sweet tooth in anyone proved itself. He quickly became a dessert lover who would now ask for some more often than me. So, I decided I will treat him with something good and sweet. Nedelya have released those new cakes inspired by nature and handmade with natural ingredients. Right at the bull’s eye with Light with Appricots. Not too sweet and a nice healthy choice. He was so happy, as he did not anticipate surprises would start so early. How could they not! Ron is doing so much for me. He’s putting up with all my crazy mood moments. Thanks to him I have the loveliest kid. And I love him too much!

I decided I should take him to one of the restaurants part of Sofia Restaurant Week, too. Most probably it would be Kohinoor as he loves Indian cuisine. Now I am getting back to the work tasks, so I can get them done timely and enjoy more spare time with him. Plus, more surprises need to be planned. Meanwhile, the cake temptation will not be resisted, either, and I will be stealing some. Yet, he would surely enjoy exactly this – to share those little moments of joy with me and Alex. That’s what family is about – sharing precious moments.

Парче торта Неделя Малките моменти в живота

How did you surprise your loved one for his/her birthday? I would be extremely thankful if you could give me some tips and ideas!  

P.S.: I thought about buying him a wristwatch. I still have those 15% off on www.danielwellington.com with code DENINA, but I’m not sure. Yet, you can still use the code for yourself.


Denina ♥

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