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Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-2 Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-10

Last week we visited Vienna – a trip so special not just because I had been looking forward to it for long enough, but also because I fulfilled a collaboration project that I could only dream of. During those 4 magical days I experienced it all – art, history, culture, even Christmas spirit. I also had the chance to submerge into the sparkling world of FREYWILLE – the Viennese boutique jewelry line that dates back to 1951.

FREYWILLE is pure art, inspired by love, joy, passion and the paintings of the masters. It passes on the delight of art to those who value artistry and superior craftsmanship by creating what’s an immensely fascinating and breathtaking jewelry brilliance. As its driving force is the admiration for art, its creators successfully attach a soul to every single piece. Just like in 1951, FREYWILLE is still being hand-made in Vienna by masters of the genre, guarding the secret process of enameling and creating these Viennese masterpieces. And all is done with good care and thought. Why I’m saying that? Unbelievably, the development of a single collection can take up to two years – from the moment of inspiration to the finished product! Just one of those facts that makes it extra special.

FREYWILLE is the magnifying point where fashion meets art. Its collections are inspired to inspire, influenced by the masterpieces of painters like Klimt, Hundertwasser, Monet, Schiele and more. The collection I’m wearing here was influenced right by one of Gustav Klimt’s works.

Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-14 Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-3 Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-21 Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-1 Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-9

Gustav Klimt is one of the most prominent Austrian artists. He’s noted for his paintings inspired by femininity and the female body. Klimt’s success came in during his “Golden Phase” when his artworks involved a technique called gold leaf. Some of his most recognizable works are The Kiss and Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I. The latter was the pure inspiration behind FREYWILLE’s collection that I wore during our trip to Vienna. It depicts the typical decorative elements and playful shapes favoured by Klimt in a way that mesmerizes and captivates every artistic soul.

This, however, was the reason why we went to the imperial Belvedere Palace, where Klimt’s permanent collection is hosted. Ron and I wanted to bring this jewelry line to the original source of inspiration, to its creative roots. After seeing the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, I can tell – FREYWILLE’s collection is as marvelous, delicate and impressive as the painting. Inspired to inspire – it’s like a mini chef d’oeuvre that completes the beauty of a woman.

Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-4 Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-13 Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-17 Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-7 Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-8 Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-12 Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-11 Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-5 Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-6 Frey-Wille-Jewellery-Belvedere-Vienna-Gustav-Klimt-Fashion-Blogger-Denina-Martin-Freywille-Jewelry-16

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There are over 100 FREYWILLE boutiques in over 35 countries worldwide, one of which located here in Sofia. If there would be one thing to ask you now, it would be to go and see for yourself the beauty and artistry behind its collections. They are inspiring and will surely bring light into your day!


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