19 Apr


Five Fashion Favorites Sunglasses

One trend I notice in sunglasses this season is solid plastic frames and floral or tortoise patterns. They might appear a bit odd to you, but it’s just because you’re not used to seeing them. Or maybe you’ve seen someone wearing the wrong ones. With sunnies it is so personal and individual. Not every pair looks good on everyone. For that reason it’s hard to stick to trends. But if it is tough to find the trendy sunglasses for your face shape, don’t worry. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

However, when it comes to buying sunglasses online in particular, one tip I’d give you is know what looks good on you. I buy sunglasses from e-stores that appear to be appropriate for my face in size, shape and color. Don’t experiment, or if you want to, don’t spend too much money. For those of you on the look for sunnies, I have prepared five fashion favorites with different and affordable styles to choose from.

Five Fashion Favorites Sunglasses


1. MANGO Cat Eye Sunglasses   2. Whistles Suki Square Sunglasses   3. ASOS Flat Top Cat Eye Sunglasses   4. ASOS Chunky Sunglasses   5. Jeepers Peepers Flat Top Sunglasses

P.S.: One pair I’m currently obsessing over are my MANGO sunglasses from the latest post. I love the solid frame’s deep pattern with hints of red and green. It is so playful and different from all the sunglasses I’ve ever had. And they don’t cost a fortune while still having a proper sun protection.

Which sunnies are you most into?


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