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Bulgarian Fashion Blogger Denina Martin at the beach

Best beaches in Greece - photo via Purely Me by Denina Martin Denina Martin on the Beach dressed white boyfriend shirt and turquoise swimwear First Time in GreeceThis summer we went on a holiday in Greece. Though it’s a close drive to Sofia, we’ve never visited before. And I keep asking myself why we’ve missed this beautiful experience for such a long time!

For our first time in Greece we went to Chalkidiki’s Kassandra peninsula, and more specifically to Polichrono. The latter is famous for its beaches, and there’s a reason why. The water is crystal clear (literally!) and as you see – pretty turquoise. I also fell in love with their flower bushes covered in pink flowers. They were everywhere and I couldn’t stop staring at them!

However, this must be the first time I show up here in a swimsuit. I know there’s still a lot to work on my post-baby body, but I feel fine about it. I’m not crazy about getting back to shape so quickly. Rather, I prefer it happens slowly and naturally so that I have enough energy for keeping up with the blog and enjoying those sweet moments with baby Alex. At the end of the day, I’m not a model, I’m just an ordinary woman and momma, who loves her body the way it is. Maybe that’s the best advice I could give you – to love your body as it is.

Denina Martin at the Beach in Greece Denina Martin in Polichrono, Chalkidiki, Greece Bulgarian Fashion Blogger Denina Martin at the beach in Greece Polichrono, Greece Denina Martin wearing turquoise swimwear Denina Martin at the beach in Polichrono Denina Enjoying the sun and the beach in Halkidiki Denina Martin's First Time in Greece Bulgarian Fashion Blogger Denina Martin at the beach Polichrono, Chalkidiki Beach Greek Flag Baby Alex at the beach in Chalkidiki Denina Martin and her baby Alex playing at the beach Denina and her baby at the beach in Greece

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Have you ever been to Greece? Can you recommend some other places worth visiting? 

Lots of love,

Denina ♥



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