This Easter was the most special of all because it was our first family Easter with our little baby boy. Although he doesn’t really get the holiday, it’s still so much interesting for Alex because it is all so colorful and cheering. I believe the two bits he enjoyed the most were the Easter eggs, and the bunny cookie.

This year it was all last-minute for me, so I did not attempt any homemade baking activities. Instead we bought some cake and cookies to play safe. To be honest, I didn’t really fancy the idea of ruining our first family Easter with poorly baked cake and cookies. I will try next year, when Alex will be allowed to taste them actually.

However, we couldn’t miss but do the traditional egg painting. For those of who are still wondering, Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter today. Our tradition is to paint eggs, and then play an egg “fight” also known as egg tapping. The rule of the game is very simple. One holds a hard-boiled egg (previously painted) and taps the egg of another person with one’s own egg. The aim is to break the other’s egg. The person who’s got an unbreakable egg wins the game. It is also believed that he or she will be healthy, lucky and successful throughout the whole year. You can imagine how much kids enjoy that game. Yet, I didn’t realize Alex would find it so amusing at this age, but he laughed so hard at me tapping on his egg. What’s more, it turned out he was the winner, and we were crazy happy for him! :)

First Family Easter Denina Martin First Family Easter Denina Martin Baby's first Easter Denina Martin Baby's first Easter Denina Martin First Family Easter Denina Martin First Family Easter Denina Martin Easter Cookies Denina Martin

So, this is how we spent our Easter this year. How did you spent yours? I’ll be happy to hear about some traditions of yours. 


Denina ♥



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What a cute baby. xx



such an adorable post!!

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