3 Oct



This season I was determined to buy a classy black fedora. In the past I used to buy various hats without putting them on more than once or twice. This time I really wanted to invest in a piece to wear throughout the whole season. I spent some time looking for the perfect fedora, and I found it. As you can imagine, I am really happy now. This, however, made me think about shopping in general. Sometimes we rush and buy just for the sake of buying. Though I’ve done it many times, I understand it is a waste of money, hence wardrobe space. Moreover, it isn’t really pleasing. In this sense, I will devote October to sensible shopping with a quote from one of UK’s queens of fashion:

Buy less, choose well & do it yourself!― Vivienne Westwood

Just keep in mind – there is no greater delight than a long-lasting shopping satisfaction! Listen to your heart and spend your cash without regrets. :)

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So here it is – my new fedora. It is stylish, classy, versatile, chic and whatever else you can think of. I decided to combine it with simple pieces – a black multi-purpose ZARA blazer,  white ZARA jumper, light-wash boyfriend jeans, and black suede booties. Accessorizing is also minimal – my lovely gold wristwatch, and a MANGO clutch in nude. Obviously, simplicity is the key word to this outfit.

The Recreated Look:


ASOS Jumper With Sheer Mesh Insert in White

ASOS Felt Fedora Hat in Black

ZAC Zac Posen Eartha Wallet on a Chain

Nine West Toboulie Black Bootie

Paige Denim Jimmy Jimmy Boyfriend Skinny Jeans

Kate Spade NY Gold Watch

MANGO blazer in black

 Do you tend to buy just for the sake of buying or you always choose wisely?
Denina Martin

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