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HM Fall 2016

HM outfit for Fall 2016 Denina Martin H&M outfit

During all those recent months, many fashion gurus and institutions have declared the death of skinny jeans. Well, my point of view is much different, though.

I was reading a report the other day from a major fashion website claiming that fashionistas are ditching away their skinnies replacing them with side-strapped pants. While the latter might be currently on trend, I doubt women will follow the so called “skinny-jeans-ditching”.

Skinny jeans have been a women’s wardrobe staple for way over a decade. This figure hugging-design underlining the feminine curves is still the most popular style and sales stats prove it. Even though retailers and designers are trying to push a variety of styles (from boyfriend through mom to all other kinds) they still produce a good amount skinny styles, because women buy and wear them.

And there are reasons behind skinny jeans’ never dying popularity. They look chic, can be styled both casually and elegantly, underline feminine curves, and look good on almost any shoe type. In the context of the approaching winter, I needn’t say this style fits best with boots. And most of all – we are all so used to them. I call them the jeans of the 21st century, and for now I am far from throwing mine away.

HM Fall 2016 Denina Martin infinity tower 20161003-dsc_4645 HM- outfit 2016 HM 2016 20161003-dsc_4650

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What do you think? Are you predicting the death of skinny jeans or you will keep on wearing them no matter what?  


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