Cocktail night at Sasa asian pub paradise mall

Going out isn’t my thing really since Alex’s birth. Not that I don’t want to. I just don’t have the chance. So, when it happens, I tend to be quite picky.

SASA Asian Pub is one of the current hot spots in Sofia, organizing some nice DJ parties. What I love about this is the mix of Asian and modern treats contributing to a great atmosphere and nice music. Cocktails are different to the traditional, having this unique exotic pinch of theirs. I’m a huge Margarita fan, but the Jasmine Margarita is one level up. I’d also recommend you try Matcha Vera and Chinese Mule if you like experimenting. However, when it comes to alcohol free cocktails and drinks, I have already shared my favorites here. So, if you are going out in Sofia, make sure you check the party program here.

In regards to clothing, I’m wearing Dream Catcher. It’s a new and rising Belgian label with an edge. I had the chance to meet the team behind it and get inspired. Quite loved their designs so they will be popping up here and on Instagram occasionally.

Cocktail night at Sasa asian pub Jasmine margarita raspberries cake Cocktail night at Sasa with Denina Martin Sasa asian pub sofiaJasmine margarita Cocktail night Cocktail night at Sasa dream catcherCocktail night at Sasa Pistachio with raspberries cake SasaCocktail night at Sasa asian pub Denina Martin Dream catcher Bulgarian blogger Sasa asian pub 2017 Sasa asian pub sofia paradise

Dream Catcher Skirt / Dream Catcher Top / Dream Catcher Bomber / ZARA Pumps / Happiness Boutique Necklace (similar)

Have you already been on a cocktail night in SASA Asian Pub? Which is your favorite spot in Sofia? 


Denina ♥


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