The best feeling is finding a hidden Christmas treasure somewhere in town without even expecting. :) I was so happy when I passed by this little flower shop to discover it has transformed itself into a Christmas fairy tale – so enchanting and romantic that it made my day feel so much more magical. ♥ If … Continue Reading


Even though most people are cautious when it comes to wearing light tones for winter, I myself am very keen on it. It’s one of my favorite ways to make a statement. In no way do I feel inappropriate. And you shouldn’t, too, because it does look great! Everyone wears the all-black look, but not … Continue Reading


Furry coats are an easy-to-notice trend for AW/17. Truth is I have never been too much into them. I must have tried wearing a furry coat just a couple of times in my life. Always found them too bulky. Maybe I just never came across “The One”. Well, I think I finally came across it, … Continue Reading

L.A. GLOW with Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder

Empowered, beautiful and confident – this is what Victoria Beckham says she aims to make women feel with her Autumn collection for Estée Lauder. And this is exactly how I felt after my make-up session the other day. Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder is a collection which reflects Victoria’s personal beauty vision inspired by her … Continue Reading


Apparently, lilac has become a favorite color of mine in the past few weeks. And even though nobody has defined it as a trend, I still enjoy wearing it. Which leads me to the question “Do we only have to wear trends to feel good and up to date?” Honestly, not. Sometimes all I want is … Continue Reading


What does a collection need in order to be successful? There are a thousand correct and very individual answers to this question, but at the bottom of all it would be that a collection should possess a distinctive character, be accessible to wear and be finished with attention to detail. This is exactly the case … Continue Reading