Tonal dressing has been rejected by many but not in the world of fashion. It has always been a way to make a statement and show some confidence. To be honest, I haven’t always been positive about it, but the recent years has changed me a lot. I’ve become more brave when it comes to … Continue Reading


The month of love is just around the corner. Celebrating St.Valentine’s Day or not, it always feels nice to go bright and opt for colors.  So, the next two weeks will be all about the so called all-red and all-pink mood and it’s a totally acceptable thing. Marella has released it’s first Spring / Summer 2017 … Continue Reading


Going out isn’t my thing really since Alex’s birth. Not that I don’t want to. I just don’t have the chance. So, when it happens, I tend to be quite picky. SASA Asian Pub is one of the current hot spots in Sofia, organizing some nice DJ parties. What I love about this is the … Continue Reading


After all the hassle around Christmas and gifting it’s time to pay attention to New Year’s Eve. Ron and I usually are a last-minute type when it comes to New Year’s Eve plans and we have finally sorted one for this year. So, now that I know where we are going to celebrate 2017, the … Continue Reading


December is all about celebrations and the chances that you go out to celebrate something right after work are big. Thar’s why I have prepared a quick after-work dress-up. It’s like an easy workwear upgrade that will make you look marvelous and it involves only accessories change. Workwear might seem boring to you but I … Continue Reading


Online shopping is one of greatest conviniences of the 21st century. It saves time. Helps avoid the tiring shopping walks and the crowds. Hence, it gives you time to think and make your decision at any time. What’s more, too often you notice things you wouldn’t notice in store. Just a few weeks ago SHOP MDL set … Continue Reading