The month of love is just around the corner. Celebrating St.Valentine’s Day or not, it always feels nice to go bright and opt for colors.  So, the next two weeks will be all about the so called all-red and all-pink mood and it’s a totally acceptable thing. Marella has released it’s … Continue Reading


When I think of prom dresses and dressing gowns, I barely ever look into trends. I might have said that already but I deeply believe a dress should reflect your personality and state of mind. It should make you feel pretty and confident. And mostly, it should be a love … Continue Reading


For the time I have been blogging I’ve reached a conclusion that I would be lost without my phone. It is a crucial part of what I do and my everyday. I can’t even remember what it was when I had no cellular data, was unable to Google things, take decent photos and never … Continue Reading


I found myself having my eye on going-out dresses so many times in the last few weeks. So, I thought it’s time to show you some of that holiday glam I fancy so much. Let me be honest. I’m a girl and I love to dress up. Stylish dress, chic ruffles, sparkling … Continue Reading


The Holiday season is open, and when it’s time to celebrate, it’s also time to treat ourselves and do our best to feel pretty. This year H&M brings the mix of glam and comfort to the front for their Holiday collection united under the festive motto Come Together. The collection … Continue Reading


They say good things take time, and FREYWILLE‘s  latest portfolio addition only proves this. It took them 8 years to develop the collection inspired by Gustav Klimt’s most recognizable piece of art – The Kiss. 8 years later FREYWILLE finally releases the most strongly awaited collection – The Ultimate Kiss. … Continue Reading