Do you remember when I was telling about how much I love sailing and boating. Ron and I were enjoying our time at Sani Resort in mid June and I was walking in my navy loafers and white co-ord. Well, over a month later I am off to another holiday by the sea with Ron … Continue Reading


Dresses are fantastic. I love dresses. But skirt and crop top co-ords are even better. They look as chic but can be styled separately. These should truly be the practical girl’s best friend and a must-have staple. The lace co-ord I’m wearing today is a part of Esprit’s summer collection (which is on SALE now … Continue Reading


On this day in 2014 I published my very first post on the blog. I thought that my blogger-self will live for a month or two, but here I am – two years later still doing this with my heart and soul. I never anticipated that blogging would get under my skin so badly. At … Continue Reading


Life is too short to wear boring dresses, they say. And how can I not agree? When I saw this ruffle dress at Bulgaria Mall’s Catty, I immediately fell for it. As someone who treasures everything chic, the combination of ruffles and lace seemed the prettiest. Even though you might associate ruffles with a childhood … Continue Reading


As a fashion-forward person, my deep believes are that to dress yourself means to #ExpressYourself – more or less. To me every single day is another chance to express my personality differently. Too often this is affected by weather or current mood, but it is an opportunity to create a proper impression about myself and … Continue Reading


Who doesn’t love spending time at an yacht port when it usually involves long walks, nice talks and dreaming of romantic boat trips? A few weeks ago Ron and I stepped on Halkidiki’s Sani Resort for the first time, and we loved it. It reminded us of St. Vlas’ Marina, but much prettier and picturesque. … Continue Reading