Rosa Damascena - Denina MartinYou must remember the Rose Festival I was telling you about a week ago. Still being in that rose spirit, I couldn’t miss but share one of my Bulgarian Beauty Secrets and respectively – my favorite beauty brand.

I suppose you already understand the  Bulgarian beauty secret is actually the so-called Rosa Damascena – a key ingredient to many beauty products. The one brand I’m keen on the most (which is using Rosa Damascena as a key ingredient) is called Alteya Organics. I came across it two years ago when I first purchased their Bio Bulgarian Rose Water. Then, I tried their Rose Lip Balm (not listed here since I need to buy a new one). Later on, I invested a bit of cash in their Nourishing Face Serum, which made me love the brand even more! Compared to other similar brands, Alteya definitely stands out with its quality. Hence, it’s USDA Bio certified which means it’s pesticides-free and completely natural as it should be. Here are a bit more details on these two products – their use and benefits.


Bulgarian Beauty Secret - Rosa Damascena - by Alteya Organics



I use Rose water for daily cleansing and refreshing. However, its use has so many positives! It rejuvenates dull skin and calms irritated skin, including after prolonged sun exposure. Rose water clarifies and detoxifies, also unclogging pores. It has anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing, and balancing qualities, as well as anti-aging and moisturizing effects.

How to use

Saturate a cotton pad and gently apply over face. Alternatively, you could soak up a towel, warm it up and apply to face. Add to your bathtub as aromatherapy fighting against stress. Include as flavor enhancer to food and beverages (I still haven’t tried that one actually).

 ALTEYA ORGANICS Bulgarian Rose Water


The Skin Reviving complex of this face serum repairs and nourishes dry, damaged and aging skin. It boosts the cell-renewal turnover, stimulating collagen production and provides skin with essential nutrients that instantly improve overall skin health and glow. This product slows down the cell oxidation process for good, preserving skin healthy and youthful.

How to use

Apply a small amount starting with your neck using upward massaging strokes. Continue with your chin, moving your index and middle fingers towards your ears. With circular movements continue around your mouth area, then go on with outward movements on the cheeks. Slide your index fingers down along the sides of your nose. Follow with circled strokes in the eye area, using your middle fingers – from nose bridge to eyebrows. Finish with your forehead – apply strokes from the middle of your forehead to your temples, where gently pressing. Finally, make short and firm strokes with both index fingers from your nose bridge upwards. Leave in to absorb into the skin. Do this a.m. and p.m.

ALTEYA ORGANICS Nourishing Face Serum

 Bulgarian Beauty Secret - Denina Martin Uses Alteya OrganicsAre you using Rose beauty products in your daily routines? 

P.S.: A while back ago my friend Katya from Style Sprinter shared her Russian guide to great skin. So, I thought it’d be interesting to share some Bulgarian beauty recipes in addition to this post. Stay tuned – to come up!


Denina ♥




There’s definately a great deal to find out about this subject.
I love all of the points you have made.


Lovely ! greats Tips… thank you


This is such a beautiful post, sweet Denina! Thank you for mentioning my post! I believe that it is very important to share our national beauty secrets with the rest of the world.

I love using rose water, but I had no idea that it is actually from Bulgaria. Last time I was in Bulgaria at the age of 12 and at that time I was not as much into beauty products as I am now ;))

I also would like to compliment you on photos. I love not only reading your blog, but also looking through photos as those are incredibly beautiful!

Have a wonderful day, darling!

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Thank you for being so lovely, Katya! I so appreciate your kind words and opinion. Sending you lots of love!


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