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When it comes to fashion, there are always these buys which are well regretted. There are always possessions that we don’t like as much, that don’t fit our wardrobes or are wrong in size. Whatever you have for sale, you need to get rid of it. This will make you feel light and give you space to breathe. If you agree, go through my blogger tips for selling online and start selling now. Clothes and accessories are meant to be worn and used. They deserve a good owner when that isn’t you. :)


Go through all the things you want to sell. Try to find all their missing parts (like a bag’s long strap, etc), original packaging and warranties if available. Clean them. Never sell something dirty. If it’s a clothing piece and needs ironing – go do it. Taking care of these things will help you sell quickly and on a higher price.


Reasonable price is at the heart of a successful sale. Don’t over- or under-price your items. Start by checking the market and the price ranges in the item’s category and type. Take into account your possessions’ condition.


I prefer actual photos to official ones, even if selling a brand new item. The buyer gets a better understanding when there are photos of the item itself. Hence, photos need to be good and clear. I have found out for myself that using a clean white/light background for photos, is more appealing to users. If you don’t have a white surface available, get an oversized scarf or blanket, iron it well and use as a background. Take a photo that captures the item in its best and most revealing side. Then, photograph the details, including the blemishes. Do take time to edit your photos’ contrast and exposure on your phone or using an app. Don’t overdo it.


Describe the item in detail and be honest about it. It will save you the quarrel with buyers later on. You may lie in the description, but you cannot deceive the eye upon receiving the package.


If you really want to sell an item quickly, be ready to negotiate the price. 5-10% off is a pretty reasonable discount that won’t hurt your budget and will make the buyer happy.

P.S.: These Steve Madden pointed heels (EU39/UK 6) are now for sale, as well as the Coccinelle scarf, and both clutch bags. All can be found on SHEDD by searching #deninamartin.

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Can you add some personal tips for selling online successfully? 


Denina ♥

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