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It has been a while since I wanted to share with you a couple of my current beauty favorites.

In December I started looking for a foundation as I wanted to switch products. I tried different brands, but couldn’t find the right product for me. Then at the right moment it appeared – Double Wear Nude by Estee Lauder. This stick combines liquid makeup and applicator in one, which makes application very easy. I just slowly twist base of the stick until the first drop appears. If too much makeup is released, I twist the base back. Then, with a circular motion I start blending the product. As a result my skin gets a healthy glow, which I always look for in a foundation. The skin feels hydrated and natural. Honestly, I am now using Double Wear Nude only, as I really love it.

The other product is Pure Color Envy – lip gloss with creamy, moisture–rich formula in a bright red hue. You know I love red lipsticks and this one is the most saturated one I’ve ever had. It makes lips full, smooth, and sexy shiny. Considering the color saturation, I only use Pure Color Envy when going out, as it also stays in long enough.

Double wear nude cushion stick Estee Lauder Double wear nude cushion stick Lip-stick-estee-lauder Lip gloss pure color envy Lip gloss pure color envy Denina Martin Hamefa furniture Bulgaria Mall Estee Launder beauty favorites

What Estee Lauder products have you used? What else would you recommend? 


Denina ♥

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