19 May





Ihave a huge crush on bandanas and silk scarves, and it has nothing to do with the fact they are trendy this season. Truth is, bandanas and silk square scarves are a fantastic stylish accessory for the warm season. They make a bold statement and add a character to an outfit. The best part is they can be styled in a number of gorgeous ways. Today, I am sharing with you 8 ways to style a bandana the chic way – just the way I have styled them.

#1 LIKE A CHOKER – Fold into a triangle. Continue folding until a long strand is formed. Wrap around your neck once or twice and double-knot on the front.

#2 LIKE A DESPERADO – Fold into a triangle. Wrap around the neck and tie in a double knot on the back.

#3 AS A HEADBAND – Two options here – pull back your hair or let it fall loosely. Both ways look equally gorgeous when styled with a bandana.

#4 AS A BAG ACCESSORY – Simply knot or tie in a bow around the handle of your bag.

#5 ON THE WRIST – Fold into a triangle. Continue folding until a long strand is formed. Double wrap around your wrist and tie into a knot.

#6 AROUND THE WAIST – Fold into a long strand and tie around your waist to underline your feminine power.

#7 LIKE A BELT – Fold an oversized bandana into a strand and run through the trouser/jeans’ loops. Tie into a double knot or a bow.

#8 OVER THE SHOULDERS – Fold an overside bandana into a triangle, and throw over your shoulders double-knotting it in the front.

There are many other ways to style a bandana, and I will surely be experimenting further. How do you style your bandana? 


Denina ♥


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