Denina Martin Lancome juicy shaker berry in love Lancome juicy shaker berry in love lipstick

I feel like buying a new lipstick. So, I went to Debenhams and took a look at what they have. I decided to show you the 6 shiny lipsticks I tried, and share my thoughts on them. They are different in their textures and colors. What unites them is those lipsticks are all shiny. I will be very grateful if you helped me pick one.

LANCOME JUICY SHAKER ↑↑↑ – Berry in Love (283)

I have never ever tried the Juicy Shaker and had no idea it’s has such a light texture. At first, I was slightly put off by the intense purple shade visible on the bottle. However, after applying it, I loved the sheer shade with its discreet shine. My lips felt nicely hydrated. Not sticky at all. It reminded me of a luxurious lip balm.


My red lipstick is Clarins Joli Rouge. I’m very happy with it so I checked the brand again. This time series Brilliant. It’s very moisturizing, has a fine glitter and pure color finish. Lips look very natural.

Clarins joly rouge brilliant Denina Martin Clarins joly rouge brilliant lipstick


I tried the little black dress of lipsticks for the first time. It’s got a very light-weight texture revealing the lips’ natural radiance. Very hydrating and with a made-to-measure coverage. The more you apply – the more intense the color gets. The fragrance is also very nice – a floral-fruity aroma with accents of bergamot, rose and raspberry.

Denina Martin Guerlain la petite robe noir Guerlain la petite robe noir


The cult Guerlain lipstick – that’s how they call it. Lovely fragranced with a mix of vanilla and violets. Formula is enriched with mango oil which feels really nice on the lips. Color is intense and with a good amount of shine, too.

Guerlain kiss kiss Denina Martin Guerlain kiss kiss


The best bright lipstick according to ALLURE magazine. Colors are rich and glittery. Formulla is enriched with Pro-Xylane ™ and Vitamin Е. Lips do stay nicely hydrated. This effect is promised to stay for up to 8 hours.

lancome labsolu rouge Денина Мартин lancome labsolu rouge червило


This product is created to stay up to 10 hours. I couldn’t try if this is true, because of the dark color. I just couldn’t walk on the streets with it. Even though such colors are tricky when it comes to application, this one was an easy task due to the diamond-shaped applicator. Color is very intense and brilliant. I did pick a dark shade as I find this lipstick more of a going-out one.

ysl vinyl cream Denina Martin ysl vinyl cream lipstick

Lipsticks are available at Debenhams. Shirt can be found at H&M, Bulgaria Mall.

Have you ever tried any of these lipsticks? Do you have some recommendations and thoughts? I myself am wondering between La Petite Robe Noir by Guerlain and the Juicy Shaker by Lancomé. 


Denina ♥

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