28 Dec


3 New Year's Eve Outfits from Bulgaria Mall


It’s most likely that you’ve already prepared your New Year’s Eve outfit. Believe it or not, I myself haven’t. There’s this dress I recently ordered, but it turned out it runs a bit larger. So, for now I don’t have a specific plan. If you don’t have one, either, I’ve got three suggestions for you. I’d better consider them, too!

I have prepared three New Year’s Eve outfits – one chic, one in a poppy color, and one excluding dresses. I tried to gather different ideas for your unique tastes and needs. Truly hope those looks from Bulgaria Mall will inspire you and help you into picking your ensemble for the festive night without much of a hassle.

However, if there’s one thing I would like to tell you now, it’d be to go for an outfit that will make you feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. Don’t try to be someone that you’re not. Rather, choose what will emphasize your beauty and mainly your own self in the most conquering and irresistible way. Don’t forget to smile and have fun because Hey! There’s a whole new exciting year in front of us. It’s our obligation to welcome it with a smile and a positive attitude!

3-New-Years--Eve-Outfits-2016-Bulgaria-Mall-MDL-Liu-Jo-Top-Secret-Denina-Martin-10 3-New-Years--Eve-Outfits-2016-Bulgaria-Mall-MDL-Liu-Jo-Top-Secret-Denina-Martin-9

MARELLA Midi Skirt (Week & Shop MDL)   FURLA Metropolis Bag (Week & Shop MDL)   BENETTON Black Shirt 

3-New-Years--Eve-Outfits-2016-Bulgaria-Mall-MDL-Liu-Jo-Top-Secret-Denina-Martin-6 3-New-Years--Eve-Outfits-2016-Bulgaria-Mall-MDL-Liu-Jo-Top-Secret-Denina-Martin-11 3-New-Years--Eve-Outfits-2016-Bulgaria-Mall-MDL-Liu-Jo-Top-Secret-Denina-Martin-5 3-New-Years--Eve-Outfits-2016-Bulgaria-Mall-MDL-Liu-Jo-Top-Secret-Denina-Martin-7

TOP SECRET Midi Dress   TOP SECRET Navy Necklace   PRONTA Navy Bag   PRONTA Bracelet 

3-New-Years--Eve-Outfits-2016-Bulgaria-Mall-MDL-Liu-Jo-Top-Secret-Denina-Martin-1 3-New-Years--Eve-Outfits-2016-Bulgaria-Mall-MDL-Liu-Jo-Top-Secret-Denina-Martin-2 3-New-Years--Eve-Outfits-2016-Bulgaria-Mall-MDL-Liu-Jo-Top-Secret-Denina-Martin-3 3-New-Years--Eve-Outfits-2016-Bulgaria-Mall-MDL-Liu-Jo-Top-Secret-Denina-Martin-4

LIU JO Strapless Jumpsuit   LIU JO Fur Coat   MICHAEL KORS Bag (Scandal)   GUESS Gold Watch 

All of the aforementioned items are available at Bulgaria Mall. 

Which of these 3 New Year’s Eve outfits do you like the most? Have you planned your outfit already? Wishing you a marvelous New Year’s Eve celebration!



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