Winter grayness would literally kill me sometimes. I’ve said it a trillion times but what saves me from feeling down is color. So, I decided to compile another shopping guide for you with colorful outerwear to get you through winter. No matter what color you prefer, it would certainly make a difference as long as … Continue Reading

With the start of the new year, almost everyone I have talked to says they lack motivation. I myself am somehow struggling with this because of winter and the lack of sunshine. It really get me moody and aids me loose my focus. So, I decided to compile a few tips on how to stay … Continue Reading

Remember your favorite Teddy Bear from childhood? Mine was actually little Simba from The Lion King. It was the softest toy I ever had. I still have it by the way. My grandma keeps it safe. It used to stay in the middle of my bed to keep it safe during the day, and I … Continue Reading

Last week I attended a morning show on national TV to share some tips for styling the color of the year. As you may heard, Pantone choose Ultra Violet to be 2018’s color. That day I was wearing this H&M dress, about which many of you asked. In fact, the dress is not exactly in Ultra … Continue Reading

Those winter blues, saving me from feeling blue. January always keeps my vibe low. So, I do my best to keep up a good mood by staying more social, spending time outside, and painting my everyday in color. And it does work in the right direction. If I keep doing this, as well as keeping … Continue Reading

One year and 124 posts later. I’m going back, remembering every moment of the past 365-day adventure. Traditionally, on the very last day of it I share my most favorite moments of 2017. As for the year itself – I can say that 2017 was very interesting. There were many successes, as well as many … Continue Reading