My hair has always been very special to me. As I have repeatedly said, it is the frame that outlines the face. I’ve always taken good care of it, but since I had the balayage done, I quickly started feeling the need for more intensive care. I have been switching between hair products for a … Continue Reading

Location: Balchik Region, Northern Black Sea Coast Here I am – sending you greetings from the Northern Black Sea coast and wearing this beautiful silk voile dress. As someone who loves wearing dresses, I always try to inspire you into wearing more of them. Today, I have listed a few reasons to encourage you to put … Continue Reading

“The experience of the joy that the unknown brings, the great ecstasy that starts happening with the unknown, makes you strong enough, gives you a certain integrity, makes your intelligence sharp. For the first time you start feeling that life is not just a boredom but an adventure. Then slowly slowly fears disappear; then you … Continue Reading

I do not consider myself a make-up expert, especially when it comes to eyeshadows. Not very talented at applying them, maybe because I rarely use such products. However, one of my friends is very talented at this, and she says it only takes practice. Which is true in its biggest part. That’s why I always … Continue Reading

Location: Aelia Bar Restaurant, Nea Skioni, Halkidiki, Greece  I wanted to share with you one very precious moment for me – a family dinner by the sea. Being a romantic soul such moments always melt my heart. I feel happy every second when the sunset beams softly kiss the skin, the breeze lightly carries the … Continue Reading

Location: Salad Box, bul. Al. Stamboliiski 72A, Sofia  This title may sound bold, but actually reflects my personal view of Salad Box. The chain opened its first restaurant in Sofia 2 days ago and I was happy to be among the first to try out the menu. I say happy, because in the end I really … Continue Reading