The one combination you can never go wrong is jeans and a white tee. In summer the jeans just transform a little bit either into shorts or a skirt, but it still feels as effortless. It’s the simplest thing. One of my favorite. And if there’s one type of denim skirt to wear this Summer, for … Continue Reading

There is hardly anyone who has not seen the iconic silhouette of white hair tied in a low pony, black sunglasses and a tie. This silhouette has become the trademark of Chanel’s legendary designer and long-time creative director, Karl Lagerfeld. Well, Karl definitely left a lasting footprint in the fashion industry, but now he’s decided … Continue Reading

When I started this blog 4 years ago, I promised myself to inspire you into wearing more color. Never doubted that black is classy, but as one of you once said – life is too short to wear just black. However, throughout those years I have had my black crushes, though very, very rarely. In … Continue Reading

Florals rule almost every Spring & Summer, but this season one particular type of print is taking over them. These are all the variations of botanical prints majorly featuring leaves. To be honest, I quite enjoy this green twist on fashion, because bringing a little bit of nature into my day always feels refreshing, and … Continue Reading

It’s Monday and I really wanted to start the week with something positive and inspiring. Like how one can make their days feel happier. So, I thought I can share with you 7 ways to get an instant mood boost. All of these work for me perfectly every time. It’s not anything exquisite or new. … Continue Reading

Day moisturizer, night cream, eye cream, cleansing lotion, scrub, make-up base, refreshing sprays … I’m sure you have enough skin care products in your locker already. But there is one type of product that turns out to be rather underestimated, while actually extremely effective. I am talking about serums that still somehow remain in the … Continue Reading